A Picture Post [brief]

Sorry there isn’t really much substance in this, just afew pictures!

The Shell blanket I made for a friend’s newborn <3


A crocheted Mei Tei I made for the same friends older daughter so she could be like mummy.. (for play purposes only, not for use with a real baby, just toys!)


The blankets I made for the Neonatal fundraiser day…


Organising mine & the blankets other people made for me the night before the fundraiser…


Some of the blankets set up on the day, rain pushed us into one of the portable classrooms, I think we’d have done better if the rain had left us alone.. (we made around £80 in total but all of the blankets are going to the neonatal unit I just need to drop them off after my next antenatal appointment)


My little “NeoTot” all worn out after a long day riding on donkeys & looking cute

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