Neglected :(

Wow, its been such a long time!

Since the fundraiser the days & weeks seem to have merged!

Around 30 weeks pregnant I had a stint in hospital where we thought that baby might have to be delivered early, so corticosteroids were given and a heart scan was done on baby (he/she has an irregular heartbeat) and at that time they were happy to leave him/her to cook for longer (phew!)
At just over 32 weeks I started having contractions & baby’s heartbeat was dropping with them, so I had another few days in hospital & once the contractions stopped we came home. (phew again!)

Since then I’ve been at the hospital for monitoring and check ups every few days so I haven’t really had chance to switch the computer on.

I have however at every appointment & stay in hospital had my crocheting with me! Never leave home without it.
I managed to make afew bits for the forum Christmas craft swap (won’t post about them as they haven’t been received by my lady yet) and am maybe a quarter through a blanket for my baby. And a smidge through another blanket for baby, but the other blanket is out of a wool that I can’t afford to get another few balls for yet (its nearly ¬£5 a ball.. didn’t think that one out too well!)

Anyway tomorrow I am off to the hospital to be induced. A little early (I’ll be 36 weeks & 5 days) but they’ve decided for mine & baby’s sake its the best option.
I’m just hoping to be able to avoid another c-section at the moment! So fingers crossed the induction goes well.
Sadly this means I possibly won’t get much of a chance to update again anytime soon sorry :(

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  1. Best of luck for tommorrow, cant wait to see pics of the little one. Take care.xx



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