Great Intentions

So, here we are in a new home.

I quite like it here, I’ve had a good look around and played with the dashboard and trying to get it looking *just so* but tonight hasn’t turned out quite how I’d planned.

I set up the blog this afternoon whilst little H & MJ napped, easy. Then after dinner I dust off the laptop and plug in the camera totransfer pictures across and have spent the last couple of hours trying to get the laptop to connect to the net to be able to upload the pictures of my WIPs & FO to here and dright roper catch up entry. Alas it wasn’t meant to be!

Since my last entry I’ve had a baby, I was induced the day after thatentry (1st December) and MJ was delivered by emergency c-section at 4:53am on the 2nd December and was 5lb12oz, he needed no assistance after delivery, and his irregular heartbeat seems to have corrected itself, but they have told me he had a bad ‘true knot’ in the umbilical cord so I wonder if that could’ve been having an effect. He’s doing well though and at last weigh in at just under 9 weeks old he was around 9lb10oz and had just switched to formula as I’ve needed to go on some medication that isn’t really suitable to be breastfeeding on and there just wasn’t enough research for me to risk it. Its been just over 2 weeks now since we stopped bfing and I do feel sad that I’ve had to make that decision, but in order to be the best mum I can be both boys need their mama healthy. So I will be proud that we did 8 weeks and we got him weighed the day before I stopped and he was 9lb7oz. I did that!

Little H is getting used to being a big brother and despite never ever taking a dummy can regularly be found stealing MJs and sucking it. Poor MJ just looks very confused but bemused by his crazy big brother!

Ive managed abit (not much) crocheting in the last 2 months. I made a blanket for a lady who’d brought the blue & white granny square blanket that can be seen in the pics from the neonatal fundraiser and I remembered why I haven’t done a big granny square since I was pregnant with little H, when they get big they take some time! I’m proud of it though, I tried a different way to how I used to do them, kind of a mish mash of a couple of different ways that I’ve seen over the last year. It worked. I do have pics but they’re on the laptop.

The only other thing I’ve managed to finish was a kindle cover that I’ve made for myself and it only took a couple of hours. It’s not perfect but it’s mine so I like it!

I will get pictures up with descriptions of my other WIPs. Some haven’t been looked at for awhile but getting them all out to take pictures reminded me that they’re there!

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