Facebook page!

So I kind of bit the bullet & set up a Facebook page for me!

Its kind of a place to put my pictures of things I’ve made so they’re in one place to “show off” but partly for friends or friends of friends to be able to see what I can do so that I can make something for them.

Currently all that’s on there is a blanket I’m making for a friend who’s expecting a baby in hopefully at least 17 weeks. We were due date buddies back in 2010 for Little H & her twins. They arrived at 31 weeks & Little H at 33+3. She was a great support through neonatal so I’m excited to be making this blanket!

A few more people have asked me to do blankets too, I need to write a list in the back of my diary I think! I’m happy to have a list though it’s something to focus the crazy on that’s productive!

Sorry there’s no pictures, I’m iPad-ding in bed whilst I wait for my mind to start shutting off. Looking forward to hopefully finishing this current blanket in the next couple of days, tonight I’ve stayed up a wee bit late watching tv & crocheting as the husband went to bed early so I’ve had total silence. It’s still amazing me that it’s 100 years since the Titanic sank. It still makes me feel sad, even before the big blockbuster film was released I had a thing about Titanic, so I’m enjoying watching the new tv shows that have been about it or linked to (nazi titanic anyone?) but I feel quite emotional watching. Very tempted to go and see Titanic in 3D though, I think I saw it at least 4 times in the cinema when it was released all those years ago. I must’ve been 16 max… Big 3-0 this year!

Right. Sleep time!

Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/CrazyCrochetMama

Come over & take a look x

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