Bits and things!

There’s been a whole lot of hookyness happening but not a lot (any!) blogging happening!

I’m sorry! I have been remembering to take pictures of things whilst in progress & finished I just haven’t really gotten around to switching the laptop on, uploading & resizing etc. I know it’s the same old excuse but when it comes down to the evening and the boys are in bed I choose crochet over blog!

I have got some pictures of recent stuff on the Facebook page.. in the last couple of weeks the scarf was received by the lady I sent it to and was liked! I made a rainbow stripe granny blanket (pics on Facebook) as a custom request from a friend for her bump, which has been received and liked. I finally gave my sister in law her birthday presents that I made, which were Lucy from ‘s pattern (she’s also having a giveaway at the moment to celebrate 100,000 hits, go take a peek!) and she loved them. I’d also made a kindle cover from Sirdar flirt which was a gorgeous yarn to work with, but very ‘spence if you’re making a bigger item!

I’m currently working on another rainbow stripe blanket as a custom made for a friend, she’s picked different colours & it’s gorgeous (so far, I haven’t done much) I’ve nearly finished a little cushion cover that I’ve made as a surprise so won’t talk about it much. It’s helped me in the day because it’s been solid block on 1 ball of yarn I’ve been able to do it whilst little h is awake, no scissors needed! I also started a little larks foot stitch blanket to see if I could, which needs scissors for colour changes so I can only do when little h is in bed. I’m sure there’s something elseI’ve got tucked in my craft drawer that I’m forgetting, but I’ve forgotten!

In my head I want to do an entry about my hooks and their prettyness but I need to take pictures and do it properly!

Oh & in a previous entry <there I mentioned the bag I got for storing my stash, well in the comments want need love have left a discount code for my readers, so go check them out too!

I will blog properly soon, promise!

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