Hooky Goodness!

So as you will see if you’ve visited before, I’ve changed my theme, I wanted more widgets, and I’ve been unable to do it all on the ipad so I’ve finally switched the laptop on and decided to do you an update!

I’ve made (or at least finished things I started!) afew things in the last month.
If you’re following me on Facebook I apologise for re-using pictures from there!

Firstly I finally took a picture of the LucyInTheSky wristwarmers! and gave them to my SIL as part of her birthday present. She loved them and I think they looked so pretty!

I also finished the Kindle snuggle that I was going to write instructions for, but I winged so much of it I’m not sure people would be able to follow my naff instructions so I’ve not sat and done that yet! (apologies for the crap picture taken on my phone!!)

Then, a friend asked me if I could do a blanket for her baby who’s due in a couple of months. She’s not finding out gender so we tried to make the blanket incorporate blues & pinks. The idea for the colours came from the wristwarmers above, and the pattern is Attic 24’s Granny Stripe but changing the colours every row and alternate rows being the main colour.
Here it is before it was finished..

And here are afew more pictures of it (sorry there’s afew just I enjoyed making it so much, and its so pretty!)

Full size shot..

I’m so happy she loved it! And hopefully soon I’ll be able to make a pink/blue one for her as a pressie for the baby!(the last two pictures were taken by her once she’d received it)

Another friend saw the pictures of the rainbow blanket and asked if I could do one for her bump too! She’s also team green so we’re going for gender neutral with this too! Its a work in progress so these are only pictures from my phone of progress so far!

A close up of the colours…

Here’s the view I had snuggled up on the sofa today. The Granny Stripe was me crocheting away. The Ripple Blanket (also Attic 24’s pattern followed for it!) was where Little H was asleep next to me as he’s been poorly for a few days so he’s set up camp there! And the spotty blanket was MJ asleep in the bouncer. I really should’ve swapped it for the picture to be one of my blankets!

I’ve also been working on a Crocodile Stitch Cowl for a craft swap I’m in. I purchased the pattern from Bonita Patterns on Etsy. (also available through Ravelry) I made it from Rico Classic Baby DK in Petrol, I love this yarn, its so soft and stays snuggly!
Here it was on a sunny day last month when I was sat in the garden with the boys..

I finished it yesterday and I took a picture here of it when I was on the penultimate row…

I did take a picture of me wearing it once I’d sewn the button on, but its not sharable! lol!
The stitch was easy to do once I got going. It seemed daunting at first but it worked up quickly once I sat down and focussed on it! The other pattern I got in the buy two patterns was the slippers but I haven’t even glanced at it yet!

Finally I made up a cushion cover for my nanna. Its just two equal granny squares crocheted together in Double Crochets and then another round of double crochets and then added the border from BevsCountryCottage.com

I made it up in Stylecraft Merry Go Round which due to the way I do my squares created this kind of effect. It looks a bit weird but I like it!

Oh the other thing I’ve been playing around with is Larksfoot Stitch. I’ve only done 8 rows because of all these other bits I’ve been doing but I love the way it looks, I’m hoping to do more on it soon! I was linked to this pattern at Meet Me At Mikes only I’m making it just using these two colours. Its the Sublime Soya Cotton DK I mentioned a couple of entries ago. Its nice but a bit heavier than using acrylics, but any cotton blankets I’ve made have been. Its nice to crochet with!

As you can see from my pictures my hook of choice is still KnitPro’s Symphonie Wood Crochet Hooks I opt for the single ended. But I’m in love with them, last year I’d “upgraded” from metal hooks to bamboo (I brought a set of 9 from ebay that went from 2.5mm to 10mm) and I loved them, until I got my KnitPro’s. I always order from Get Knitted for these, their delivery is quick and their customer service is great. They accidentally sent me a Clover Hook instead of my KnitPro and they sent out a prepaid envelope to send it back and sent my order. So I recommend them!

I think thats me up to date! Sorry my entries like this are few and far between, just as I think I’ve said before if it comes down to blogging or crocheting, crocheting wins everytime. It just relaxes me!

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  1. You’ve been busy! and your crocodile stitch turned out nice!


  2. Love your colours!


  3. creative pixie

     /  April 23, 2012

    The pale rainbow colour stripes you’ve used in the granny stripe blanket are subtle but very effective, what a lovely gift.


  4. I love your color choices in the granny stripe blankets – both babies are very lucky! The crocodile & larksfoot stitched look very interesting too – oh so much crochet to try & so little time! lol
    Have a great week :)


  1. Lots of pictures! | Mrs. B's Adventures in Crochet

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