Bittersweet “Symfonie”

I know I am a really bad blogger, and I promise to fill you in on what I’ve been up to since June with lots of photos soon. But…

I have to tell you about the gutted feeling I have tonight as one of my trusty Knit Pro Symfonie crochet hooks broke. The hook bit just snapped clean off.
I could’ve cried! I was only making the wings for an Attic24 birdie decoration, not swinging from the lightshade with it (it was only a 4.5mm, not ideal for swinging from light shades with!)

So after digging out my spare 4.5mm I carried on for awhile and made a start on the next wing, but in my head I was trying to work out how long ago I brought it. So out comes the iPad, and I start searching my e-mail accounts for the receipt. Sure enough I find it, and I only brought it in April this year. Sure it “only” cost just under £4 but I’ve got hooks that only cost me £1 that lasted me years before I discovered Knit Pro. And £4 for something that has only lasted 7 months (slightly less actually as I purchased via eBay on the 11th April so delivery would’ve taken afew days, I can’t remember if I posted in here about it?) I still think £4 is comparatively expensive.
I sat there winding myself up with these thoughts, so tonight I have fired of a contact form via… Would you like to see? (as I can’t hear your reply I’m sharing anyway!

On April 11th 2012 I purchased a 4.5mm Knitpro symfonie crochet hook, tonight (9th November 2012) whilst crocheting a basic item the hook broke clean off of the shaft.
The shop that I purchased from is in the process of shutting down & I don’t think they’re getting new stock to be able to replace my hook.

To say I’m upset is an understatement. My hooks are stored away securely after use, they’ve never been handled by anyone other than myself and whilst I have other branded hooks knit pro have been my favourite for over a year, and I now have from sizes 2.5mm to 7mm, with two in sizes 4mm-5.5mm as they’re my most used so like to have a spare.

I posted on Facebook about this and a couple of people have said they had the same happen to them. Tonight I’m upset and worried that the set that I’ve taken time (and money) to build up, and also the Tunisian crochet hooks that I’ve asked my mum to get me for Christmas will all start breaking after a not very long period of time.

I’m unsure as to whether you will do anything to help replace my broken 4.5mm hook, but I truly hope that you do and that your customer service can meet the love that I have for your product.

I hope to hear from you soon.


I have also sent an email to the retailer I purchased from the company is lovely and I’m sure if she can help me she will (they once sent me a clover hook instead of a knit pro one and sent out a prepaid envelope for me to send it back and sent my hook as soon as they received the clover they were lovely) but the business is closing down (ForestFibres) at the beginning of next month so I don’t know if they’ll be getting new stock in, or even if I’m entitled to ask her for help after this amount of time.

They say if you have a bad customer experience you tell more people than if you have a good one, but previously in my blog I have always tried to make sure I pass on good customer experiences, I’m hoping that even though this entry sounds like a bad experience that it turns into a good one!

I’ll keep you posted, and I promise to write more, even if it’s without pictures, waffling has got to be better than nothing right?


To add, I can be easily followed through my Facebook at I have lots of recent pics on there as I can do it via my phone, and that I now have an email address should you ever want to contact me/ask a question it’s X

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