They’re here!!!! *squee*

Yesterday we got “red carded” by the postman. (a sorry we missed you card)

I was a little bit gutted. CrazyCrochetDada was convinced it was something he’d ordered from amazon. I however just knew it would be my hooks! Luckily the post office is open until 8pm on Wednesdays and once Dada got in from work and had his cuddles with Little H & MJ I sent him off down there. (Especially as what he’d ordered from amazon arrived today!)

He’s just bathing the boys for me, so naturally I’ve torn open my parcel (after singing “here’s the mail” from Blues Clues, much to the amusement of the boys!) and I’ve taken a couple of pictures using Dada’s iPad, so they’re not great, but I will get proper camera type pictures later and one day I will sit and upload them and blog properly! (Promise, I really will!) I just had to share my excitement!!






Aren’t they so pretty? I’m sure i’ll get more sparkle from them with the real camera!!

I’d best go, the monsters are nearly finished in the bath! (Side note, MJ can now give kisses on demand, when you say “mama/dada kiss?” He comes over and gives a kiss, and when face timing with my dad earlier he grabbed the iPad and gave pops a kiss! Cute!)


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  1. creative pixie

     /  January 9, 2013

    Would u recommend these hooks? I use bamboo and my friend says the knitpro hooks are amazing (though expensive).


    • I love my normal knit pros, I loved my bamboos before them, I think I treated myself to a 4.5mm knit pro to start with and once I used it I was in love! (if that’s actually possible!)
      I’ve built up my collection one hook at a time, this set was my mega treat using amazon vouchers I got for Christmas, I’m going to give them a test tonight but I’m a fan girl, I’d say get one in your most used size and see if you like (if you don’t let me know & I’ll buy it off you so you’ve not wasted money!) have them, and afew sellers on eBay sometimes have them with money off too x


      • creative pixie

         /  January 9, 2013

        Thanks, I just may give 4mm a go and see how I get on.


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