Facebook Celebration!


Yesterday I hit 123 likers on Facebook, not a huge number but I love the sequential ness of it, so to celebrate I’m doing a little giveaway. And I’m a bit excited because it’s the first time I’ll be doing a hat, I really want to get into doing hats, they work up so easily and look so nice!

So if you want to enter head over to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CrazyCrochetMama and comment on the status with the pictures of the hats to be in with a chance of winning. The choice is between the Chloe slouch hat by unravel me designs (which I love!) or the strata beanie by playin’ hooky (which I also love!!) for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me add the links to the patterns but they’re both linked to on my Facebook page (I have a feeling the links not copying and pasting is more to do with my iPad being old and not wanting to work than WordPress!)

I best go, even though I recently promised myself a boycott of hobbycraft I need to go there as for some reason I can’t find the December or January issues of inside crochet anywhere so I’m going to have to give hobbycraft a try andthen maybe I might make it down to the black sheep craft barn in culcheth. I love that place so much! X

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