It makes me smile :)


I recently had a bit of a change-about on Facebook. Whilst I love “CrazyCrochetMama” it just wasn’t feeling very me!
So, my new page is or if you’re doing a manual search for me I’m “mrs b’s adventures in crochet”

To go with my change about I edited my cover photo, and I love it. Just seeing it makes me smile. A friend helped me by adding the text for me, and she found the most perfect font.
The words are a slightly changed quote from The Gruffalo’s Child. It came into my head the other day when the weather was undecided between gale force winds and sleet/snow. And as I thought it I smiled, because the crocheters child will never be cold as they have 3 scarves, at least 2 hats from patterns you’ve tested, and a million blankets. <3

I have loads of pictures on my camera that I really need to upload and share with you. Just not enough hours in the day :) x

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