Some rippley love <3

I will start by saying I love this blanket. A lot! I do always love the blankets that I make so I know I say that with every blanket, but if I didn’t love what I make then what would be the point in making things?

I was asked to do this blanket by an internet friend when she was pregnant. But like I did she stayed team green so we waited until baby arrived before picking colours. She had a baby boy and chose white, purple and blue.
When written in words I struggle to see the colours together so I went off to the little shop in our local market and spent ages makinh sure I picked the right shades. I love it if I manage to go on the right day the little cubby holes are all full of all the colours you could want and I just spend ages lining up colours and no one cares. (Yarn shopping is the only kind of shopping I love and feel relaxed about doing!)

Once I sat down and lined the colours up I decided to change up the ripple a bit. I still followed Attic24’s neat ripple pattern but I varied the colour changes because I didn’t want any one colour to totally dominate the blanket.
It’s taken me awhile to get it all finished and she’s been so lovely an patient. But she received it today and likes it so I will share with you the pictures I took before I posted it. (Good Friday was a rare sunny day squeezed between days of snow so I got to peg it on the line!)



I do love when a blanket is received and loved but I do feel a smidge sad that I won’t be curling up on the sofa under it (making it) anymore! And little H keeps asking for it to give it a kiss!

I’m particularly chuffed with the edge. Usually I just did double crochet (uk) all the way round, but as I’m getting braver I decided to straighten off the top and bottom of the ripple.  I was sure that I’d seen a how to on attic24 but I couldn’t find it (I’m still not sure if it does exist but I just couldn’t see it.)

Here’s a close up of what I did… (I can’t remember if I already blogged about this sorry!)


I want to try and write how I did it but I’m not very good at explaining crochet so I apologise if it’s poorly put! (UK terms

Slip stitch in the 2 most central stitches from the ‘peak’ of the ripple. Double crochet in the next one. Half treble crochet in the next two stitches. Treble in the next two stitches then double treble in the next two stitches (these two should be in the 2 stitches at the bottom of the valley)
After the double trebles just reverse what you’ve done. So treble in the next two, half treble in the next two, double crochet in the next one and slip stitch in the next two (back at the peak)

So it’s :- *sl st, dc, htr, htr, tr, tr, dbl tr, dbl tr, tr, tr, htr, htr, dc, sl st*
Repeat from * to *

On the next round of the border I just double crocheted all the way around. (I hope that makes some sense!)

Right I best go, I’ve been writing this on and off for awhile whilst the boys play and nap. Need to make some dinner. :)

One last picture.. all packed up ready to go.


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  1. Oh it is so pretty! I want one!! The largest project I have done so far is a very large pnocho type thing, but I have only gotten through half of it (ran out of yarn – gotta pick some up soon) and a granny square blanket but I have only done the squares and not yet joined them so they are still a very small project in my mind. The colors are just lovely together. Fantastic job!!


    • Thank you so much!
      I’m very much a blanket crocheter, ponchos and amigurumi are things I’m building myself up to so I doff my hat to your poncho! (Half finished or not!) :) x


  2. SquashMama

     /  April 4, 2013

    Beautiful, I love the colour orders, you’ve got it spot on! :) Little Tin Bird did a squaring off, could it be that you’re thinking of? Xx


    • Yes! That’s the one I’d seen before! I’m so glad I didn’t imagine it! Thank you!

      I really wasn’t sure about my colour order on this until it established itself then I fell in love with it! X


  3. I love this! It’s so gorgeous. Great job! :)

    ~The Veiled Purl @


  4. I’m rippling along with Lucy’s pattern at the moment too … I have been for ages actually, I love it but I’m always tooo busy to spend time on it. It grows in fits and spurts and I’m now in a bit of a lull …. I had always thought of making it rectangular, but I have reached the point of square and now I can’t decide whether to continue or not, you see I think I have made it too wide, so squaring it off might be a solution …
    Nice to meet you by the way!
    Em x


  5. What a beautiful blanket. And the colors compliment eachother so well – just lovely! Thank you for sharing.



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