Mixed up blog [post]

Hi! :)
I don’t usually do housey type posts but I figured what the hey!
Then naturally I can’t find a picture I took ages ago (with this blog post in mind!)
Anyways the picture I can’t find was of the “rubbish” that’s leftover after preparing dinner, you know onion skins, the core from peppers etc.
I *hate* throwing it in the rubbish. And last month our local council (rightly) moved our town onto fortnightly bin collections. So we now have the general waste (black bin) collected one week and the recycling (blue bin) the next week. With weekly collections we rarely half filled the black bin and although the recycling was always fortnightly it would be the one that we always had to squish down.

So with the news of both bins being fortnightly we got one of *these* to try and calm my dislike of putting food scraps in the general rubbish.

As of yet we haven’t used it and it’s sat looking forlornly at me.
We need to deconstruct the shed (which is falling apart and taking up a hunk of our little garden!) And then the compost bin will have a ‘proper’ home. With the boys to look after and a british summer that seems to have gone AWOL it’s proving more of a task than I expected to get started on the shed.
Also once it’s in place I have no idea what I absolutely need to get it started, so I thought I’d ask the blogesphere!

Do you home compost? Do you have any hints or tips to get started?

I’ve googled but it returns so many results I still don’t really know where to start!

Also yesterday I made a risotto (this one) and before I start I get everything out etc. But I had to replenish my oxo tub and wondered if anyone else does this….


I love my little plastic oxo tub but awhile ago I realised that the stock cubes I rarely use (the vegetable ones) could be sat in there ages past their best before date. So I started ripping the best before date off of the packet and popping it inside my cube. Then when I replenish them I take out the old bit of cardboard and put the new one in (& move any of the stock cubes left from the last batch to the top of the pile)

Boring to some, but to me it’s really useful!

And because I simply can’t do a post that doesn’t involve crochet in some form. Here are a couple of squares that I made for a special project (I’ll tell you more in time) The pattern is Attic24’s Summer garden granny square


It was the first time I’ve ever used Stylecraft yarn (I used special dk in wisteria, clematis & cloud blue)
I’d put off trying stylecraft because I figured “it’s only acrylic yarn it’ll be the same as any other acrylic” but it’s so soft! Even before I’ve done my usual soak once I’ve made things!
I brought it from The Wool Loft they also have a facebook page *here*. Their customer service was brilliant (I couldn’t find a yarn I wanted on their site that they’d posted on facebook so I sent them a message and they sorted it for me) and reaply friendly! I also got some rico yarn for a blanket for one of my ‘real life’ friends who’s brother is having a baby from them.

Who doesn’t love getting yarny post?!


That’s all from me for tonight.
Hope you’re all ok.

♡ Mrs. B x

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  1. I have had a composter and then another one for some years now. I suppose I am a lazy not very strong composter and because of the nature of my garden I wasn’t even able to put them on soil like you are advised. There are probably quicker ways of getting the compost to decay down but all I do is fill one composter with food waste but also some of my paper waste like egg boxes, dirty waste paper, confidential papers I don’t want to put in the recycling. Then I wait and when the bin is full I start filling the other one. After a few months the first bin is full of lovely soil I can fertilise the garden with. When that is used up I can start putting waste in it again and so the cycle continues.


    • Oh I hadn’t thought about using it for confidential papers!! So you really don’t have to do anything special (or buy the stuff that speeds up composting?) I’m hoping we’ll get the shed sorted next week as mr b is off work so I’ll have to let you know how it goes! Thank you x


      • Well I suppose the stuff that speeds up composting would speed it up. I think it may have taken up to a year for the first lot to be usable but I found that I couldn’t turn it or move it at all and had no choice. But yes if you leave it long enough it turns into what looks just like garden soil all on it’s own and get colonised by worms, slugs, snails and all sorts of things.


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