Mixed up blog [post]

Hi! :)
I don’t usually do housey type posts but I figured what the hey!
Then naturally I can’t find a picture I took ages ago (with this blog post in mind!)
Anyways the picture I can’t find was of the “rubbish” that’s leftover after preparing dinner, you know onion skins, the core from peppers etc.
I *hate* throwing it in the rubbish. And last month our local council (rightly) moved our town onto fortnightly bin collections. So we now have the general waste (black bin) collected one week and the recycling (blue bin) the next week. With weekly collections we rarely half filled the black bin and although the recycling was always fortnightly it would be the one that we always had to squish down.

So with the news of both bins being fortnightly we got one of *these* to try and calm my dislike of putting food scraps in the general rubbish.

As of yet we haven’t used it and it’s sat looking forlornly at me.
We need to deconstruct the shed (which is falling apart and taking up a hunk of our little garden!) And then the compost bin will have a ‘proper’ home. With the boys to look after and a british summer that seems to have gone AWOL it’s proving more of a task than I expected to get started on the shed.
Also once it’s in place I have no idea what I absolutely need to get it started, so I thought I’d ask the blogesphere!

Do you home compost? Do you have any hints or tips to get started?

I’ve googled but it returns so many results I still don’t really know where to start!

Also yesterday I made a risotto (this one) and before I start I get everything out etc. But I had to replenish my oxo tub and wondered if anyone else does this….


I love my little plastic oxo tub but awhile ago I realised that the stock cubes I rarely use (the vegetable ones) could be sat in there ages past their best before date. So I started ripping the best before date off of the packet and popping it inside my cube. Then when I replenish them I take out the old bit of cardboard and put the new one in (& move any of the stock cubes left from the last batch to the top of the pile)

Boring to some, but to me it’s really useful!

And because I simply can’t do a post that doesn’t involve crochet in some form. Here are a couple of squares that I made for a special project (I’ll tell you more in time) The pattern is Attic24’s Summer garden granny square


It was the first time I’ve ever used Stylecraft yarn (I used special dk in wisteria, clematis & cloud blue)
I’d put off trying stylecraft because I figured “it’s only acrylic yarn it’ll be the same as any other acrylic” but it’s so soft! Even before I’ve done my usual soak once I’ve made things!
I brought it from The Wool Loft they also have a facebook page *here*. Their customer service was brilliant (I couldn’t find a yarn I wanted on their site that they’d posted on facebook so I sent them a message and they sorted it for me) and reaply friendly! I also got some rico yarn for a blanket for one of my ‘real life’ friends who’s brother is having a baby from them.

Who doesn’t love getting yarny post?!


That’s all from me for tonight.
Hope you’re all ok.

♡ Mrs. B x


A bit all over the place!

I can’t seem to settle on a project to work on. Which isn’t good!
I currently have unfinished ~
Attic24 birdies.
Frayed knots’ perfect cowl.
A Red Heart Manhattan cardigan
The spiral blanket (pattern by colourinasimplelife.blogspot.co.uk)
Frayed Knots’ Ocean Wave blanket.
The babylegs I’ve been trying to come up with a pattern for so a baby wearing friend can try them out.
A Htr little blanket for a friend who’s currently collecting them for her local neonatal unit.
A Rainbow block blanket I started last year for my mum.
The ripple I started making when mj was still a bump.
A little pink pram blanket that was for a fundraising auction. (But the person it’s for has got another blanket request in and as they’re going overseas I’ll post them together)
A playin hooky strata beanie that I started making for little H. (Then put down to make something else!)
A granny square snuggly magic blanket that I started making as a present for a friends little girl (& will be making a matching one for her twin sister)

There’s probably at least one thing that is missing from that list.

Just seeing it all written out like that makes me frown disapprovingly at myself!

Last night when I sat down after dinner to watch some Tv (we’ve just started watching the walking dead season 1) and an hours worth of crochet before bed. I knew had a voice in my head shouting at me to finish *something* (anything!!!) But the other bit of my brain is going meh! So I started something else.

I really need to take myself aside and have a word!!

Anyway.  Here’s a picture for you…


It’s an Attic24 granny stripe blanket. Being made in sirdar snuggly babycotton dk. And as you can see I’m not using a knitpro hook! (Shockinh, I know!) The cotton was a bit too grippy on the knitpro so I’m giving my tulip etimo rose a whirl!
I like, no love the smoothness of it. And the soft grip bit is nice I do wish the shaft (insert immature smirk here) was a bit longer! (Ok another smirk!) And I do like using cottons. I loved rico’s creative cotton aran that I used for someones ripple blanket once.

Anyway,  I’ve rambled. (Sorry!)

My plan over the next couple of weeks is to finish up some of my UFO’s (unfinished objects) I’m going to start small. So probably the cowl first as I only need to do the flower and attatch it, and sew a couple of ends in. Then I’ll decide what to finish next. The blanket for the neonatal unit will get done gradually because that’s my current “do when the boys nap after I’ve done housework” project because it’s all from one ball of yarn so easy to grab!

If you’re reading this in a few days and I haven’t updated please give me a nudge.  I need to do some before it starts to feel daunting!!

Right.  I think I’ve rambled enough!

Mrs. B x

Great Intentions

So, here we are in a new home.

I quite like it here, I’ve had a good look around and played with the dashboard and trying to get it looking *just so* but tonight hasn’t turned out quite how I’d planned.

I set up the blog this afternoon whilst little H & MJ napped, easy. Then after dinner I dust off the laptop and plug in the camera totransfer pictures across and have spent the last couple of hours trying to get the laptop to connect to the net to be able to upload the pictures of my WIPs & FO to here and dright roper catch up entry. Alas it wasn’t meant to be!

Since my last entry I’ve had a baby, I was induced the day after thatentry (1st December) and MJ was delivered by emergency c-section at 4:53am on the 2nd December and was 5lb12oz, he needed no assistance after delivery, and his irregular heartbeat seems to have corrected itself, but they have told me he had a bad ‘true knot’ in the umbilical cord so I wonder if that could’ve been having an effect. He’s doing well though and at last weigh in at just under 9 weeks old he was around 9lb10oz and had just switched to formula as I’ve needed to go on some medication that isn’t really suitable to be breastfeeding on and there just wasn’t enough research for me to risk it. Its been just over 2 weeks now since we stopped bfing and I do feel sad that I’ve had to make that decision, but in order to be the best mum I can be both boys need their mama healthy. So I will be proud that we did 8 weeks and we got him weighed the day before I stopped and he was 9lb7oz. I did that!

Little H is getting used to being a big brother and despite never ever taking a dummy can regularly be found stealing MJs and sucking it. Poor MJ just looks very confused but bemused by his crazy big brother!

Ive managed abit (not much) crocheting in the last 2 months. I made a blanket for a lady who’d brought the blue & white granny square blanket that can be seen in the pics from the neonatal fundraiser and I remembered why I haven’t done a big granny square since I was pregnant with little H, when they get big they take some time! I’m proud of it though, I tried a different way to how I used to do them, kind of a mish mash of a couple of different ways that I’ve seen over the last year. It worked. I do have pics but they’re on the laptop.

The only other thing I’ve managed to finish was a kindle cover that I’ve made for myself and it only took a couple of hours. It’s not perfect but it’s mine so I like it!

I will get pictures up with descriptions of my other WIPs. Some haven’t been looked at for awhile but getting them all out to take pictures reminded me that they’re there!

The blanket stash

Well, its not so much of a proper stash considering 5 of them aren’t actually for us.
But as I can’t blog about how many stitches I’ve done on the Neonatal blankets everyday I dug out Little H’s blankets for a bit of a stash session.

I love his blankets so much. There are only 3 that I have made, he does have more, but they weren’t made by me (they were made by my much more experienced Nanna and no way am I putting my work next to hers! haha)

First of all we have my shell blanket (left). I *think* I made this in 2007, when being a mummy felt like such a pipe dream but I discovered youtube & “The Art of Crochet by Theresa” (as it was then!) and her shell tutorial (that I can’t actually find the video for, but it was kind of like this one) And I just made it into a blanket by working out the multiples and going from there.
It was the first time I’d actually “followed” a pattern, even though it was more watching the video, rewinding it and watching some more to make sure I did it right. And then I made up the ruffly edging by chaining 6, doing a slip stitch back in the blanket and chaining 6 again to give it a wee ruffly effect.


Then on the right is my first attempt at Attic24’s Ripple Blanket I saw the link to her blog on a parenting/pregnancy forum I go on in the home & hobbies section. I think my eyes popped out of my head all cartoon like when I saw the pattern. And it truly was the first time I’d seen a written pattern (the pictures at the bottom with the 2tr’s etc totally freaked me out)
So I bookmarked it and went back to it when I was feeling brave, and that was the result.
Since then I have made 3 more Ripple Blankets. One for a craft swap on the parenting/pregnancy forum for my recipients little girl (the wool is my blog background, Rico Baby DK) and 2 were custom made for members of the forum, they picked the colours and I just got to work. I also sent the link for the pattern to my Nanna, and much to her annoyance she can’t do it, *but* she’s insanely proud of me that I’ve taught myself to read the patterns as she never did and can now only crochet her way!
Next up is the only blanket I made when I was pregnant with Little H. I started it with the colours I had laying around the house (amazing how much my wool stash has grown since then!) and I said at the time “Now I’ve put pink in a blanket Flo (bump) will be a boy!” and of course, bump was a boy!


Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got the pattern for the edging from, it was probably from youtube but I have no idea, and the laptop that I was using back then broke shortly after Little H’s arrival so I have none of my bookmarks. But it was easy to do and I still have it written on a scrap of paper somewhere!
& I must find a “proper” pattern for a granny square, the off-square-ness of it bugs me when I see it but its my “totally made up way to do a granny square”

And finally a quick picture of all of the blankets that are made by me and are in the house all together…. Cheese! :)


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