My mini Tah-da moment!

I am so claiming this as my mini “Tah-da!” moment.

Yesterday we had round 2 of looking for new shoes for me to spend my birthday money on, and whilst on the lookout I wandered into Hobbycraft (wanted to see if they did stylecraft wool) and stumbled across a book that gave me an instant case of the “do wants”

So naturally I brought it. Totally inspired and in love. It was this one.. Crochet to Go! by Ellen Gormley.
I took it into the bath with me so I could have a look at all of the pretty patterns leisurely with no interruptions and fell in love with one called Rasberry Tart and just had to have a go. Naturally it was one of the ones that said it was “advanced difficulty” but I *had* to try!
As my bamboo hook is tied up with a Neonatal blanket and I was worried my attempt at the Rasberry Tart would take longer than I’d want the hook absent from the blanket (I get all worried that it’ll just magically unravel!) I started with one of my original hooks (not sure what its made out of but its just one of the £1 hooks I had picked up years ago before I got my bamboo hooks)
So here are my pictures, on my hook on round 3….
And tah-da!! I love it so much!
I’ve got this idea to try and make a scarf out of it, joining as I go at the points of the octagon. Not sure how it’d work but I’d love to try!
The book has most of the patterns written for worsted weight yarn (which I believe is aran weight) and for 6.5mm hooks I wanted to try playing around, and did it in DK and was just some old balls that are upstairs in the bag with the hexagon blanket that I’ve never finished (doh!) but I didn’t like that wool and I didn’t like using my old hook, my bamboo hooks are a bit more pointy at the end so it makes it easier to get through the teensy holes and do slip stitches and stuff. I don’t know how I didn’t throw more projects out of the window with the old hooks.
The other thing I struggled with was the patterns are written in US terms, so I’ve been scribbling on the page in pencil to remind myself what’s what!

I have a lot of love for my bamboo hooks and today have ordered a new 4.5mm bamboo hook, its my most used size. Now all I need to find some blocking blocks, does anyone know where does them that aren’t hugely expensive?

Right off to go and finish Neonatal blanket number 6! Hugs & hooks to all! :P

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