Ripple blanket edging


I posted in my Ripply love blog entry how I straighted out my Attic24 Neat Ripple blanket but I wanted to follow up with a picture illustrating it. (I’ll quote what I put in the other blog entry)

“I’m not very good at explaining crochet so I apologise if it’s poorly put! (UK terms

Slip stitch in the 2 most central stitches from the ‘peak’ of the ripple. Double crochet in the next one. Half treble crochet in the next two stitches. Treble in the next two stitches then double treble in the next two stitches (these two should be in the 2 stitches at the bottom of the valley)
After the double trebles just reverse what you’ve done. So treble in the next two, half treble in the next two, double crochet in the next one and slip stitch in the next two (back at the peak)

So it’s :- *sl st, dc, htr, htr, tr, tr, dbl tr, dbl tr, tr, tr, htr, htr, dc, sl st*
Repeat from * to *

On the next round of the border I just double crocheted all the way around. (I hope that makes some sense!)”

I’ve done a picture to try and help.
It’s not great quality but it’s surprisingly hard to write and draw the lines so that they match up. Hopefully it’s useful…



I found that it didn’t look quite straight at first, but I did another round of just double crochet and it worked (I chained 1 and turned to start the next round) the dc’s on the right hand side can be replaced with htr (half trebles) but if you do that chain 2 at the corners.

I hope this is useful to someone. Sorry if it’s not clear enough.

♡Mrs. B x

Edit to add a thank you to Peach tree & lime jelly for the idea to do the picture like that (with the stitches written) and naturally to Attic24 for her amazing patterns!

2nd edit (may 2014) if you find this and give it a go and it works for you (or doesn’t!) Could you leave me a little comment just so I know. & thank you x

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