There’s a little uniform (ooniform) laid out waiting for you downstairs. 

How can you be big enough to go to school?

You’re not a baby anymore, you haven’t been for a long time. I feel like your life has been just a lightning flash and we’re here. You’re so excited, beyond excited. You’re ready. You’re not scared or worried, you’re facing this challenge head on.

I’m proud of you. So so proud.

You came into the world early and faced hurdles in the first 72 hours of your life that had me scared and crying, you proved to the doctors that you were a little 4lb 1oz (well 3lb5 after you lost a lot of weight) fighter. You took your first breaths unaided and peed all over the travel incubator. You only had full oxygen for 24 hours, but you wouldn’t poop and that had everyone worried. Everytime you tell me you’ve done a poo I remember the time the nurses told me you’d finally done one. That feeling of relief.

From that day on you’ve grown stronger and stronger and tomorrow I have to let you go in to the big wide world and stand on your own; Not totally alone. Mama will always be here to turn to when you need me, even if it’s just for a little cuddle after a long day.

I hope you don’t lose the confidence that you have in yourself. I’ll do my best to help you keep it. And I hope that you learn so much, but always have questions for me.

I can’t believe you’re starting school… Mama will cry, but it’s because she’s proud and happy. 

It’s time. Love you little man. Xx


Neglected :(

Wow, its been such a long time!

Since the fundraiser the days & weeks seem to have merged!

Around 30 weeks pregnant I had a stint in hospital where we thought that baby might have to be delivered early, so corticosteroids were given and a heart scan was done on baby (he/she has an irregular heartbeat) and at that time they were happy to leave him/her to cook for longer (phew!)
At just over 32 weeks I started having contractions & baby’s heartbeat was dropping with them, so I had another few days in hospital & once the contractions stopped we came home. (phew again!)

Since then I’ve been at the hospital for monitoring and check ups every few days so I haven’t really had chance to switch the computer on.

I have however at every appointment & stay in hospital had my crocheting with me! Never leave home without it.
I managed to make afew bits for the forum Christmas craft swap (won’t post about them as they haven’t been received by my lady yet) and am maybe a quarter through a blanket for my baby. And a smidge through another blanket for baby, but the other blanket is out of a wool that I can’t afford to get another few balls for yet (its nearly £5 a ball.. didn’t think that one out too well!)

Anyway tomorrow I am off to the hospital to be induced. A little early (I’ll be 36 weeks & 5 days) but they’ve decided for mine & baby’s sake its the best option.
I’m just hoping to be able to avoid another c-section at the moment! So fingers crossed the induction goes well.
Sadly this means I possibly won’t get much of a chance to update again anytime soon sorry :(

Bad Blogger

I really have been so bad at keeping this updated.

The worst bit is I’ve been making sure I’ve taken the pictures to be able to blog about how the blankets are coming along for the fundraiser I just haven’t switched the laptop on to transfer the pics from the memory card to & upload & resize & share.

Worst. Blogger. Ever!

In total I made 12 blankets, all very plain & boring but I’m happy with them (as long as I don’t put them next to something pretty! The lady I blogged about in the entry called the kindness of strangers sent me 8 & she did 2 knitted rabbits too! & they are all gorgeous.

My nanna made 6 blankets I think, maybe 7 and they’re all so soft and pretty. And a lady i met through netmums has given me a couple of bags with blankets & some knitted cardigans, hats and booties in too.

All I need to do is wash them all & get organised for next Sunday now!

Will blog/update this with pictures & links later if Little H & the bump let me x

I haven’t disappeared!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week. The more pregnant I get the more tired I am, and with Little H being my focus in the day the evening times seem to be spent curled up on the sofa crocheting!

Blanket number 6 was finished off the other day, and blanket number 7 is *almost* finished, possibly another inch and a half to go. I haven’t done as much this week because my right index finger has been a bit bruised right in the spot where I rest my hook so I’ve been doing bits when I can but not much.
I have a feeling its down to the weird way I hold my hook & wool. I do everything with my right hand and my left hand only holds my work. Which is the way my Nanna taught me, and is the way she works too but I just can’t crochet like everyone else, its weird because my mum crochets normally (with the left hand working the wool and the right doing the hook etc)

I like to be different!

Right I should go and get dressed, I’m off to the hospital with a suspected UTI, have been in agony for the past 24 hours and after a night of little sleep I’m conceding and getting checked out. I have a feeling the midwives on the AnteNatal Day Unit think I’m crazy/attention seeking but Mr Me said I should ring them if I’m worried, and after 24 hours of struggling with the pain I’m off.
You can almost guarantee it’ll be a mild infection like last time and they’ll roll their eyes at me but best to be safe!

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