Just some pictures.

For some reason my crochet time seems to be disappearing gradually.
Little H only really has one nap a day now, and for the last 3 or 4 days MJ has only had one too. I’m not sure the one nap a day will stick for MJ though. He’s only 16 and a half months old. I’m sure Little H was a bit older before he totally dropped his afternoon nap. He still has one sometimes.

I think I’m missing the afternoon down time the most. We used to put MJ to bed then Little H and I would go and do bounce on mama’s bed and then we’d coke downstairs and he’d lay on the sofa not really asleep but just halfway there, and I’d grab something easy to crochet. Something that didn’t need colour changes very often (or having to have too many balls of yarn out, 2 year olds are incredibly quick at the grab and run!)

A couple of nights ago I did a bit more work on the spiral granny square. It’s really looking lovely but I think when it’s finished I will have to try and block it as the corners are curling under. It’s possibly because my tension is a bit tighter than everyone elses seems to be. But I have gone up a hook size from what was on the label.
Last night I did an hour on the little neonatal blanket that I’m making. I had to make an unforeseen colour change as in my head I had enough of the blue to do a little blanket. Turns out that I didn’t, so it will be half blue and half pink. I’m not sure I like it though so I’m preparing myself for frogging it and starting over again!
You can kind of see it in this picture. It’s underneath the pastel coloured granny stripe…


Currently all of my WIP’s are in a giant John Lewis bag which has to live in the cupboard under the stairs to prevent little hands from getting to it!

I think I only managed half an hour on the pastel granny stripe before deciding I was too tired to concentrate. And I remembered I needed to do some research on electric fires as next week someone is coming to rip out the (really old) gas fires that haven’t been in use possibly for over a decade. When the guys came to see what was possible we discovered that the fires weren’t even connected to the gas supply in any way (we just thought they’d been capped before we brought the house) and that the pipes for the current gas supply didn’t even run anywhere near where the fireplaces are! So electric fire it is!

One last picture before I go. Hopefully I’ll have more to write about in the coming days!


♡ Mrs. B x

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