Mrs B’s ‘baby blue’ blanket pattern

So a few people have asked where I got the pattern from for the baby blue blanket,  as you know I made it up after the lady had sent me a picture of a blanket she’d found on google images, but the picture wasn’t a close up so I had to improvise.

I haven’t managed to write up the full pattern and do pictures yet for it, but a cpuple of people kindly offered to test a little chart I drew up and they were in agreement that it was readable, so for those of you who can read charts here it is….


Multiples of 6+2 with whatever yarn and hook size you fancy!
How I get my blanket size is lay a tape measure over my lap and count 6 chain stitches at a time until I get to the desired width, and then add the 2 extra chains.
That way if it’s not quite wide enough or too wide I know to unpick 6 or just start counting again from 1 instead of loosing my count on a 240 chain. (Hope that makes sense!)

Those of you who can’t read charts and would like a proper tutorial (which will hopefully include the border I did too) bookmark this post and if I’ve still not done it leave me a comment to remind me as I do tend to forget that I’m meant to remember to do something!

I’m not sure if there is a pattern out there like this (as it is just an arrangement of treble crochets really!), there probably is if you look but this is just going to be how I made the baby blue blanket by winging it. :)


My babies are growing up!

I know I still haven’t done the post I promised about Little H. So here it is in some form. (Not exactly how I planned it!)

Yesterday I asked Mr. B to take the sides off of MJ’s cotbed and turn it into a toddler bed. Naturally that meant that last night’s bedtime felt epically long… I let Mr. B sit in with them for 40 minutes and then I took over so he could go for his run.
Mj was loving his new found freedom in the bedroom (that didn’t come at the cost of him climbing out of his cot, which luckily he only did twice, in one night and then learnt his lesson!) I had to remind myself that it was the same when Little H had his turned into a bed too. Except then we had the benefit of MJ was still little and in our room so if he did wake up he soon got bored and took all of his toys back to bed with him. Whereas MJ gets bored and then remembers that Henry is right there! Although it is cute hearing him say big brother wake up!

Last night as I sat next to him rubbing his tummy and watched him fall asleep it felt like my heart was melting.  And I look over at little H already asleep (snoring away) and I melt some more.  These quiet moments are the ones I want to remember as opposed to the constant bickering that they seem to be doing quite a bit at the moment.  So I tiptoe out and stop and look at them both and have to hold back a sob. Even though little H has not long turned 3, and MJ is only 1 and a half they seem so grown up all of a sudden.
Little H really looks like a little boy, and considering this time last year he only said maybe 5 words all of a sudden has a vast vocabulary and manages to use words in context. (The other night he said mummy very pretty like princess. I didn’t even know he knew the word princess!!)
MJ is starting to loose his baby chunkyness and is trying to repeat words when you say them and is a lot more steady on his feet now, and is into everything!

Their room now looks like a little boys room, Mr. B took down their animal pictures and put up their names from MrsJosieK and both cots are now beds, and Mr. B is already talking about when we get them bunk beds!

These aren’t great pictures because I’ve avoided their names on the wall but it really isn’t a babies room anymore!


Little H’s end of the room (you can kind of see the blue behind the wardrobe) now that I have a sewing machine I’m hoping to make some blackout curtains for in there, make it a bit darker in there for summertime! (That picture was taken around 7pm right before bedtime so it stays quite light!)


Mjs end is the one that makes me feel sad. He’s my baby and he’s gone into a bed!!! (Oh and we’re loving our MagicBumpers which I ordered in preperation for MJ going into a bed but I got a pack of 4 so that I could get rid of the lindam bed guard that little H had which got in the way of storytime. Now they both have the bumpers and they’re brilliant!


I’ve totally lost my train of thought!
I want to talk about how my babies are growing up and how sad that makes me feel and why I’m the mama that I am, but that is a whole new story so for tonight I’ll leave it at that, but my “I didn’t know what prematurity was” post will be soon I’ve already got the pictures ready to go :)

♡ Mrs. B x

A bit all over the place!

I can’t seem to settle on a project to work on. Which isn’t good!
I currently have unfinished ~
Attic24 birdies.
Frayed knots’ perfect cowl.
A Red Heart Manhattan cardigan
The spiral blanket (pattern by
Frayed Knots’ Ocean Wave blanket.
The babylegs I’ve been trying to come up with a pattern for so a baby wearing friend can try them out.
A Htr little blanket for a friend who’s currently collecting them for her local neonatal unit.
A Rainbow block blanket I started last year for my mum.
The ripple I started making when mj was still a bump.
A little pink pram blanket that was for a fundraising auction. (But the person it’s for has got another blanket request in and as they’re going overseas I’ll post them together)
A playin hooky strata beanie that I started making for little H. (Then put down to make something else!)
A granny square snuggly magic blanket that I started making as a present for a friends little girl (& will be making a matching one for her twin sister)

There’s probably at least one thing that is missing from that list.

Just seeing it all written out like that makes me frown disapprovingly at myself!

Last night when I sat down after dinner to watch some Tv (we’ve just started watching the walking dead season 1) and an hours worth of crochet before bed. I knew had a voice in my head shouting at me to finish *something* (anything!!!) But the other bit of my brain is going meh! So I started something else.

I really need to take myself aside and have a word!!

Anyway.  Here’s a picture for you…


It’s an Attic24 granny stripe blanket. Being made in sirdar snuggly babycotton dk. And as you can see I’m not using a knitpro hook! (Shockinh, I know!) The cotton was a bit too grippy on the knitpro so I’m giving my tulip etimo rose a whirl!
I like, no love the smoothness of it. And the soft grip bit is nice I do wish the shaft (insert immature smirk here) was a bit longer! (Ok another smirk!) And I do like using cottons. I loved rico’s creative cotton aran that I used for someones ripple blanket once.

Anyway,  I’ve rambled. (Sorry!)

My plan over the next couple of weeks is to finish up some of my UFO’s (unfinished objects) I’m going to start small. So probably the cowl first as I only need to do the flower and attatch it, and sew a couple of ends in. Then I’ll decide what to finish next. The blanket for the neonatal unit will get done gradually because that’s my current “do when the boys nap after I’ve done housework” project because it’s all from one ball of yarn so easy to grab!

If you’re reading this in a few days and I haven’t updated please give me a nudge.  I need to do some before it starts to feel daunting!!

Right.  I think I’ve rambled enough!

Mrs. B x

Bittersweet “Symfonie”

I know I am a really bad blogger, and I promise to fill you in on what I’ve been up to since June with lots of photos soon. But…

I have to tell you about the gutted feeling I have tonight as one of my trusty Knit Pro Symfonie crochet hooks broke. The hook bit just snapped clean off.
I could’ve cried! I was only making the wings for an Attic24 birdie decoration, not swinging from the lightshade with it (it was only a 4.5mm, not ideal for swinging from light shades with!)

So after digging out my spare 4.5mm I carried on for awhile and made a start on the next wing, but in my head I was trying to work out how long ago I brought it. So out comes the iPad, and I start searching my e-mail accounts for the receipt. Sure enough I find it, and I only brought it in April this year. Sure it “only” cost just under £4 but I’ve got hooks that only cost me £1 that lasted me years before I discovered Knit Pro. And £4 for something that has only lasted 7 months (slightly less actually as I purchased via eBay on the 11th April so delivery would’ve taken afew days, I can’t remember if I posted in here about it?) I still think £4 is comparatively expensive.
I sat there winding myself up with these thoughts, so tonight I have fired of a contact form via… Would you like to see? (as I can’t hear your reply I’m sharing anyway!

On April 11th 2012 I purchased a 4.5mm Knitpro symfonie crochet hook, tonight (9th November 2012) whilst crocheting a basic item the hook broke clean off of the shaft.
The shop that I purchased from is in the process of shutting down & I don’t think they’re getting new stock to be able to replace my hook.

To say I’m upset is an understatement. My hooks are stored away securely after use, they’ve never been handled by anyone other than myself and whilst I have other branded hooks knit pro have been my favourite for over a year, and I now have from sizes 2.5mm to 7mm, with two in sizes 4mm-5.5mm as they’re my most used so like to have a spare.

I posted on Facebook about this and a couple of people have said they had the same happen to them. Tonight I’m upset and worried that the set that I’ve taken time (and money) to build up, and also the Tunisian crochet hooks that I’ve asked my mum to get me for Christmas will all start breaking after a not very long period of time.

I’m unsure as to whether you will do anything to help replace my broken 4.5mm hook, but I truly hope that you do and that your customer service can meet the love that I have for your product.

I hope to hear from you soon.


I have also sent an email to the retailer I purchased from the company is lovely and I’m sure if she can help me she will (they once sent me a clover hook instead of a knit pro one and sent out a prepaid envelope for me to send it back and sent my hook as soon as they received the clover they were lovely) but the business is closing down (ForestFibres) at the beginning of next month so I don’t know if they’ll be getting new stock in, or even if I’m entitled to ask her for help after this amount of time.

They say if you have a bad customer experience you tell more people than if you have a good one, but previously in my blog I have always tried to make sure I pass on good customer experiences, I’m hoping that even though this entry sounds like a bad experience that it turns into a good one!

I’ll keep you posted, and I promise to write more, even if it’s without pictures, waffling has got to be better than nothing right?


To add, I can be easily followed through my Facebook at I have lots of recent pics on there as I can do it via my phone, and that I now have an email address should you ever want to contact me/ask a question it’s X

Rainbow Block Blanket Ta-Dah!

So today it was received so I can reveal my final pictures!
The pattern was from called “Rainbow Block Crochet Afghan”
When I first purchased it and just glanced over it I thought there was no way I would be able to do it! Luckily the crocodile stitch cowl had introduced me to the front post double crochet (fpdc) so I knew what to do when I saw “fptr” in there, but I always go through this stage where I look at a pattern and just feel like o.O and my brain just exits the building. But once I reminded myself that it was written in US terms all the pattern actually is is treble crochets with the odd double treble giving that drop down in colour.

Enough waffling here it is….

I started it on the 8th May and I posted on Facebook that it was on the line drying on the 25th, so quite quick really, but those last few rounds felt like they were taking forever. And I always get nervous near the end because I know its coming to the point of actually sending it to the person who’d asked for it and I do worry that its not good enough, but she’s received it and happy with it! (yay!) The final measurements for this had it at about 39 inches square!

I think my fave thing about doing baby blankets is bundling them up. The last three blankets have been for ladies who are team green, so they don’t know if they’re having a boy or a girl. So after the first rainbow granny stripe I got some reels (spools? not sure whats the right word!) of ribbon, so the last two blankets have been tied up with green ribbon. Just a little thing but it makes me smile knowing that its a blanket that will be used by a squidgey baby!

Oh, I almost forgot, here are a couple of pictures of the 2nd Granny Stripe Rainbow Blanket, that one went all the way to Sweden!

Without getting my notebook I *think* the final size measurements for this one was 38 inches wide and 42 inches high. It washed up so soft and snuggly I almost couldn’t part with it!!

Right. I’m going back to crocheting before bed!
Night x

Have you been? Oh you should!
I never really got into etsy, I haven’t given it enough of a chance possibly…
But the other week on Facebook someone shared craftsy’s status about a giveaway, so I registered and liked the Facebook page but didn’t really explore, then I was going through my emails the other night and actually read their weekly email the patterns mentioned in it were enough to entice me!

I now have a wish list on there as long as my arm, and there are free patterns on there too. And I discovered that now I’ve installed the kindle app on my iPad I can download & “open in kindle” and it actually puts it on my kindle too! I did not know I could do that & I love being able to have patterns on my kindle!

Here is my current favourite “want to make”

Love love love it!!

So much to blog.. So little time!!

I haven’t forgotten you’re here, honestly!
I’ve been busy crocheting away, I finished the minty green rainbow granny stripe and started work on the Rainbow Block Afgan, which I’ve loved making, just the ends to sew in then soak and wash/shape etc!
Then once its been received I can post lots of yummy pictures of it!!

I will do it all soon! Sorry I’ve been so slack!

Hooky Goodness!

So as you will see if you’ve visited before, I’ve changed my theme, I wanted more widgets, and I’ve been unable to do it all on the ipad so I’ve finally switched the laptop on and decided to do you an update!

I’ve made (or at least finished things I started!) afew things in the last month.
If you’re following me on Facebook I apologise for re-using pictures from there!

Firstly I finally took a picture of the LucyInTheSky wristwarmers! and gave them to my SIL as part of her birthday present. She loved them and I think they looked so pretty!

I also finished the Kindle snuggle that I was going to write instructions for, but I winged so much of it I’m not sure people would be able to follow my naff instructions so I’ve not sat and done that yet! (apologies for the crap picture taken on my phone!!)

Then, a friend asked me if I could do a blanket for her baby who’s due in a couple of months. She’s not finding out gender so we tried to make the blanket incorporate blues & pinks. The idea for the colours came from the wristwarmers above, and the pattern is Attic 24’s Granny Stripe but changing the colours every row and alternate rows being the main colour.
Here it is before it was finished..

And here are afew more pictures of it (sorry there’s afew just I enjoyed making it so much, and its so pretty!)

Full size shot..

I’m so happy she loved it! And hopefully soon I’ll be able to make a pink/blue one for her as a pressie for the baby!(the last two pictures were taken by her once she’d received it)

Another friend saw the pictures of the rainbow blanket and asked if I could do one for her bump too! She’s also team green so we’re going for gender neutral with this too! Its a work in progress so these are only pictures from my phone of progress so far!

A close up of the colours…

Here’s the view I had snuggled up on the sofa today. The Granny Stripe was me crocheting away. The Ripple Blanket (also Attic 24’s pattern followed for it!) was where Little H was asleep next to me as he’s been poorly for a few days so he’s set up camp there! And the spotty blanket was MJ asleep in the bouncer. I really should’ve swapped it for the picture to be one of my blankets!

I’ve also been working on a Crocodile Stitch Cowl for a craft swap I’m in. I purchased the pattern from Bonita Patterns on Etsy. (also available through Ravelry) I made it from Rico Classic Baby DK in Petrol, I love this yarn, its so soft and stays snuggly!
Here it was on a sunny day last month when I was sat in the garden with the boys..

I finished it yesterday and I took a picture here of it when I was on the penultimate row…

I did take a picture of me wearing it once I’d sewn the button on, but its not sharable! lol!
The stitch was easy to do once I got going. It seemed daunting at first but it worked up quickly once I sat down and focussed on it! The other pattern I got in the buy two patterns was the slippers but I haven’t even glanced at it yet!

Finally I made up a cushion cover for my nanna. Its just two equal granny squares crocheted together in Double Crochets and then another round of double crochets and then added the border from

I made it up in Stylecraft Merry Go Round which due to the way I do my squares created this kind of effect. It looks a bit weird but I like it!

Oh the other thing I’ve been playing around with is Larksfoot Stitch. I’ve only done 8 rows because of all these other bits I’ve been doing but I love the way it looks, I’m hoping to do more on it soon! I was linked to this pattern at Meet Me At Mikes only I’m making it just using these two colours. Its the Sublime Soya Cotton DK I mentioned a couple of entries ago. Its nice but a bit heavier than using acrylics, but any cotton blankets I’ve made have been. Its nice to crochet with!

As you can see from my pictures my hook of choice is still KnitPro’s Symphonie Wood Crochet Hooks I opt for the single ended. But I’m in love with them, last year I’d “upgraded” from metal hooks to bamboo (I brought a set of 9 from ebay that went from 2.5mm to 10mm) and I loved them, until I got my KnitPro’s. I always order from Get Knitted for these, their delivery is quick and their customer service is great. They accidentally sent me a Clover Hook instead of my KnitPro and they sent out a prepaid envelope to send it back and sent my order. So I recommend them!

I think thats me up to date! Sorry my entries like this are few and far between, just as I think I’ve said before if it comes down to blogging or crocheting, crocheting wins everytime. It just relaxes me!

Bits and things!

There’s been a whole lot of hookyness happening but not a lot (any!) blogging happening!

I’m sorry! I have been remembering to take pictures of things whilst in progress & finished I just haven’t really gotten around to switching the laptop on, uploading & resizing etc. I know it’s the same old excuse but when it comes down to the evening and the boys are in bed I choose crochet over blog!

I have got some pictures of recent stuff on the Facebook page.. in the last couple of weeks the scarf was received by the lady I sent it to and was liked! I made a rainbow stripe granny blanket (pics on Facebook) as a custom request from a friend for her bump, which has been received and liked. I finally gave my sister in law her birthday presents that I made, which were Lucy from ‘s pattern (she’s also having a giveaway at the moment to celebrate 100,000 hits, go take a peek!) and she loved them. I’d also made a kindle cover from Sirdar flirt which was a gorgeous yarn to work with, but very ‘spence if you’re making a bigger item!

I’m currently working on another rainbow stripe blanket as a custom made for a friend, she’s picked different colours & it’s gorgeous (so far, I haven’t done much) I’ve nearly finished a little cushion cover that I’ve made as a surprise so won’t talk about it much. It’s helped me in the day because it’s been solid block on 1 ball of yarn I’ve been able to do it whilst little h is awake, no scissors needed! I also started a little larks foot stitch blanket to see if I could, which needs scissors for colour changes so I can only do when little h is in bed. I’m sure there’s something elseI’ve got tucked in my craft drawer that I’m forgetting, but I’ve forgotten!

In my head I want to do an entry about my hooks and their prettyness but I need to take pictures and do it properly!

Oh & in a previous entry <there I mentioned the bag I got for storing my stash, well in the comments want need love have left a discount code for my readers, so go check them out too!

I will blog properly soon, promise!

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