A long overdue Ta-Dah!!

I’ve been promising myself (and you!) some pictures of recent makes.
So I’ve booted up the computer and here I am.

The following two blankets were Christmas presents. Which because of my poor time management were late christmas presents!

The first was for a friends sister. She had seen one of the rainbow granny stripe blankets that I did and coveted it, so her lovely sister asked me to make a pastelly coloured large granny square that was big enough for snuggling on the sofa!
I don’t really follow a pattern for my granny squares, I used to but because of my tension or something the squares always seemed to twist a bit which really bugs me! (I’ll have to take a picture of the blanket I made when Little H was still a “flo” bump!) So I just kind of made up my own way. Which doesn’t have a front and a back so much, because I turn after each round. As always I finished up with a “Bev’s Country Cottage Granny Square Edging” (the edge is at the bottom of that page!) Which is my go to edge for granny squares. It always finishes up so neat and makes me smile. :) 
Enough with my rambling! Pictures!!!




It was made using baby DK wool (not a “brand” its a yarn I get from the wool shop at my local market) and once it was soaked and washed a couple of times (I always soak in a bit of fabric softener for an hour or so, and then wash & dry it, then trim off any tail ends that decide to show themselves after the first wash, then wash again) it was so so soft and snuggly!
I do wish I’d have put some more thought into colour order though. When I asked if she wanted any particular colour order she said go random. So I did. But next time I’m told to go random I will put an element of thought behind it! I’m still getting used to putting colours together, thats my excuse! 

The next blanket was for a baby boy, the same friend asked me to do it for her nephew. And she had a cot mobile made to match by DottyDaisies. She requested primary colours and they looked awesome (even if I do say so myself!) And I made up a border that I can’t really put into words, but as I was doing it I had “follow the yellow brick road” going through my head (you’ll see why on the close up!) and I’m hoping to use it as inspiration for a blanket one day! It ended up being just a bit bigger than cotbed/toddler bed size but not quite single bed size, and I loved loved loved getting to the stage where it’s big enough to snuggle up under whilst making it! 

More pictures!!! (they’re not great, the flash/light made the blocks of colour blur a little bit!)

In progress (with my beloved knit pro hook!) <3

A big picture of it in progress..


Finished!!! (excuse the bad picture, it’s the first time I’ve taken a finished picture on a bed! The bed is cotbed size)


More close ups of random parts of it. The border was one of my faves that I’ve come up with!!







Well. I think thats enough from me!
I’ve got so much more I really should share with you but I haven’t got the time right now, so keep an eye out for more updates over the next few days. They won’t be as picture heavy, maybe just one or two pictures per entry. I need to work out which projects I’m missing, and I really need to finish some WIP’s and take pictures of them too!!

Oh, and feel free to pin any pictures you like if you’re on Pinterest. I love seeing my blankets pop up on there every now and then! There should be a “Pin it” button around here somewhere, or you can install the pin it thing to the toolbar directly from Pinterest.

Hope to see you back here soon :) 
Mrs B x

WIP’s & FO’s

So, here’s the post I’ve been meaning to do for awhile to update with my WIPs & FOs. Only even now it will be a brief one as there is an almost 3 month old baby who needs feeding soon and its nearly 1am (always seems to be 1am!)

Firstly, here is a giant granny square blanket I made for a lady who brought the blue & white giant granny square at the neonatal fundraiser (I think you can see it in the pics in that blog entry!) I enjoyed making it at first, because I took afew of the different granny square methods I’d read and mushed them together and came up with this. I’m proud of it, it was around 50 rounds including the edging and the time it takes to get around at that big.. grr!

It makes me smile looking at those pictures! Its the first one I’ve managed to make not go squiffy and twisted!


My Kindle Case… I’m trying to write out a pattern for how I did it, but on trying again I’m wondering if other people would like it (or even be able to follow my waffle!) The camera has made the blue buttons look way bluer than they are! I made it with Sublime Bamboo & Pearls, its so soft!


A blanket that is still exactly as it is in this picture, its quite an easy pattern to do, its a japanese one a friend lent to me, the pattern is done in a plain white yarn, but I had to try it with my sirdar smiley stripes, I’m still not sure I like it, but everyone else seems to!


And finally my WIP Ripple that I started when I was in hospital before MJ was born. I love looking at it but haven’t touched it aside from to take this picture in ages! (Its Rowan classic cotton I think.. I’ll double check and get back to you on that one!)


Right I should really go and feed & sleep. I’ll edit this later I think!



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