UK Stitches

So I wanted a page, for me to reference when I need to with UK Crochet terms.
I was given a book a year or so ago by my nanna. Called “Crochet Stitches & Edgings”  it was published by J&P Coats Ltd in 1976 with a re-print in 1980. So all pictures actually belong to them, I have taken some pictures of my own, but I’m unsure if they’re clear enough so will stick with the professional ones for now!

We will start with a chain stitch….

Slip Stitch…

Double Crochet…

Half Treble Crochet..

Treble Crochet..

Double Treble Crochet..

A list of abbreviations.

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  1. Hi

    I usually crochet following American terms, however, I’ve got the 200 crocheet blocks book by Jan Eaton. It took my about 6 blocks until I realised that something must be different between English and American. Anyway, it’s fun to crochet in English. Maybe I start doing it in French …

    Have a wonderful weekend



  2. This will help me with my ripple edging, thank you x



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