I think I have a problem!!

I was asked to do a stash picture for the parenting forum I’m a member of. So today whilst The Husband looked after the boys I got all my yarn out and took pictures & omg. I don’t think I need to buy more for awhile!!

This is my “downstairs” stash. Which lives in a bag next to the sofa for easy access!!

As you can see I seem to favour Sirdar, Rowan and Sublime at the moment. With an array of Rico Baby DK (which I love!) There’s a box of Adriafil Duo Plus, that I picked up for £9 last year sometime with visions of making myself an Attic24 style bag from that never happened!

Then there’s the yarn that lives upstairs that I dig into when I need acrylics or just yarn for practising something on…

As you can see, there’s a mish-mash of stuff in there. There’s the Red Heart that my mum & dad brought back from the states for me last month. Debbie Bliss Cotton DK that I forgot I had! And on the right that green yarn & the 1 ball of cream with a label on saying “service” I inherited it from one of my mums friends, and it still has the receipt tucked into the label in “old money”! It feels so soft, but says its 100% acrylic. There’s also some Patons, and Sirdar in there that I inherited too.
I definitely don’t need to purchase more for awhile.

Although I did discover that one of the Sublime Soya Cotton DKs that I picked up is a different colour to the others.. Doh. That’ll teach me to pick up yarn on different trips to the shop without checking dye numbers first for reference. So I’m allowing myself to buy 3 more balls of that particular yarn. 2 to match the one random ball and 1 to match the 2 that I already had! I want to make an African Flowers blanket I think.

Oh and a finished picture. Well kind of, its a side view, as I haven’t posted it to the person I made it for yet. But its a big thick wide scarf, and I love it! <3

Thats me done for now. Glad I finally managed to do a kind of proper update!

H x

Edit to add… My stash storage, kind of modelled by Little H! Purchased from “Want Love Need” who also has a shop in Sheffield, details *here*

Falling behind!

I’m really quite crap at keeping this updated.

The annoying bit is, I’ve been taking pictures and making notes of patterns that I’ve been making up, but haven’t actually managed to transfer the pictures from the camera and sit and resize etc them.

So in the spirit of blogging just so that people don’t forget I’m around here I am.

Ive managed to finish afew bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks, which is good for me as I do have quite a few projects on the go simultaneously to keep me entertained.

The one I’m most proud of comes from the pattern here.. http://inthesky1.blogspot.com/2012/03/granny-chic-granny-stripe-wrist-warmers.html

I made them with pink as the main colour and used afew different colours that in my head made it look rainbow esque. I will try and switch the laptop on and grab the pictures off of Facebook later. [Edit – Here’s a not so great picture but its here!]
Laid out flat before final construction! I need to take a proper finally all put together picture, I keep meaning to but I forget! 

All those ends to sew in before final construction! (Oh yay!)

A full view close up of the colours (Its silly but I’m proud of my colour choices, although the light blue & lilac are abit washed out looking in this picture!)

I’m also talking part in a craft swap, which as always I’m full of great ideas for, but won’t have time/the skills to do all of it, but because I managed to follow the patter written for the wrist warmers I have brought a pattern to follow for one of my items instead of just winging it (and messing it up) I just hope I can actually follow the pattern. When the PDF arrived last night the first thing I did was send it to my kindle (which I learnt how to do thanks to the wrist warmers pattern too) and I skim read the pattern and my instant thought is I can’t do this…

I get that feeling of dread when I look at patterns, I remember getting it the first time I read Attic24’s neat ripple pattern, and again with granny stripes and the bird decoration. I always forget to just take my time & practise. I do love that about crochet, if I mess up I just unravel it and have another go. If only more things in life were like that?

Right, I must go and prepare for mj waking for a feed. Maybe stick Torchwood on (thank you virgin media for letting me watch from the beginning!) and work on my totally winging it project for the craft swap. (&get some new pictures added into this entry!)

Oh such fun!

And colour! Lots of colour.

I’ve never really been any good at matching colours up, or at least i didn’t think I was. I can always pick out a good tie for my dad. A silly thing but I always knew which ones he’d like. He doesn’t wear ties anymore really so that skill has been laid dormont until now!

The other day there was a blog post here.. http://inthesky1.blogspot.com/ called delusions of grandeur, I read it and offered up my services as a tester and later that day received an email with the details needed.

Now the only patterns I’ve ever really followed are attic24 patterns, that as I’m sure you know are written out normally with pictures so you can see exactly what you’re meant to be doing. I think over the last 2 years I’ve made 5 of her neat ripple blankets (maybe 7 I’m not sure!) 5 of her birdie decorations, one granny stripe, in attic24 I trust! So for me Lucy ‘in the sky’ was/is putting alot of faith in me trying out her pattern!

So I rushed off and found my ‘upstairs stash’ which is where I store most of my acrylic yarns (not photographed in the previous entry with yarn pics) and sat and worked out colours. I realised I’ve never really sat and done that before, properly planned out colours, and that I don’t really have ‘me’ colours. Like any attic24 reader knows her kind of colours or crochet with Raymond I haven’t found mine, it’ll come with time but yesterday I realised that I can pick colours that work. I won’t put pictures up yet, mostly because as I’m testing the pattern it’d betotally bad form to do so, and because I’m not finished yet! Getting there though, just hope my noobishness doesnt put Lucy off ofselecting pattern testers in future.

Anyways, go over there and follow her blog! http://inthesky1.blogspot.com/


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