Little Birdies

Only a quick one from me tonight.
I’ve managed to get both boys to bed and Mr. B is at work. So I’m curled up on the sofa trying to finish up some attic24 birdies.

They’ve been a WIP for far too long. And I have this idea for how to finish them off so that they’ll make a pretty display. (You’ll have to wait for a big reveal though!)

Here’s how I’m set up for the evening…


Oh and before I forget, a picture of my Frayed Knot perfect cowl. Sorry it’s not beinh modelled I need to wash it so it goes nice and squishy.


It was made using smc select extra soft merino colour (shade 05284) and I added an extra row to the top and bottom as my tension and stitches seem to be smaller than everyone elses. I need to make myself one for the colder days!

Right I’m off to construct some birdies!

♡ Mrs. B x

Some rippley love <3

I will start by saying I love this blanket. A lot! I do always love the blankets that I make so I know I say that with every blanket, but if I didn’t love what I make then what would be the point in making things?

I was asked to do this blanket by an internet friend when she was pregnant. But like I did she stayed team green so we waited until baby arrived before picking colours. She had a baby boy and chose white, purple and blue.
When written in words I struggle to see the colours together so I went off to the little shop in our local market and spent ages makinh sure I picked the right shades. I love it if I manage to go on the right day the little cubby holes are all full of all the colours you could want and I just spend ages lining up colours and no one cares. (Yarn shopping is the only kind of shopping I love and feel relaxed about doing!)

Once I sat down and lined the colours up I decided to change up the ripple a bit. I still followed Attic24’s neat ripple pattern but I varied the colour changes because I didn’t want any one colour to totally dominate the blanket.
It’s taken me awhile to get it all finished and she’s been so lovely an patient. But she received it today and likes it so I will share with you the pictures I took before I posted it. (Good Friday was a rare sunny day squeezed between days of snow so I got to peg it on the line!)



I do love when a blanket is received and loved but I do feel a smidge sad that I won’t be curling up on the sofa under it (making it) anymore! And little H keeps asking for it to give it a kiss!

I’m particularly chuffed with the edge. Usually I just did double crochet (uk) all the way round, but as I’m getting braver I decided to straighten off the top and bottom of the ripple.  I was sure that I’d seen a how to on attic24 but I couldn’t find it (I’m still not sure if it does exist but I just couldn’t see it.)

Here’s a close up of what I did… (I can’t remember if I already blogged about this sorry!)


I want to try and write how I did it but I’m not very good at explaining crochet so I apologise if it’s poorly put! (UK terms

Slip stitch in the 2 most central stitches from the ‘peak’ of the ripple. Double crochet in the next one. Half treble crochet in the next two stitches. Treble in the next two stitches then double treble in the next two stitches (these two should be in the 2 stitches at the bottom of the valley)
After the double trebles just reverse what you’ve done. So treble in the next two, half treble in the next two, double crochet in the next one and slip stitch in the next two (back at the peak)

So it’s :- *sl st, dc, htr, htr, tr, tr, dbl tr, dbl tr, tr, tr, htr, htr, dc, sl st*
Repeat from * to *

On the next round of the border I just double crocheted all the way around. (I hope that makes some sense!)

Right I best go, I’ve been writing this on and off for awhile whilst the boys play and nap. Need to make some dinner. :)

One last picture.. all packed up ready to go.


A little wave :)

In my attempt to blog more instead of just posting pics on Facebook I’ve discovered the wordpress android app. So, here I am offering a bitesize entry of what’s been on my hook today.

It’s my current “pick up, put down” project for when I get ten minutes to just crochet. Mostly I’ve been doing it in the day when the boys have their morning nap. Little H has his nap on the sofa so any project that requires intense concentration or having scissors/sewing needles out is a no go. He goes from fast asleep to Grabby McGraberson before you even realise he’s awake!


Pattern : Ocean Waves Blanket.
Pattern Author : frayedknot
Pattern is available on craftsy, ravelry & etsy. (She’s on Facebook too)

I’m on my second attempt of it. The first time I did the first few rows in the midnight blue and when I changed to the red I realised somehow I’d dropped 2 stitches so I frogged it and decided it was more sensible to do the first couple of rows in a colour where I could see the stitches!

I’m using Rico Baby So Soft and I love it! I know I say that about every yarn I write about, but if I didn’t love how squishy they were then I wouldn’t buy them! But as an acrylic goes its beautifully soft and I haven’t had any trouble with splitting or managing to stick my hook through the middle if the strand! I got mine from Black Sheep Wools. If you’re on the look out for a new yarn to try and are willing to take the word of an internet blogger do try it!

Right time for sleep but just one last picture… MJ & I going yarn shopping :D



So, really this should be a tah-dah post for the primary colours blanket but I still haven’t turned on the laptop and transferred pictures from the camera! It will happen soon!
Instead I thought I’d share something spirally with you!

I can’t remember where I saw this first if it was on ravelry whilst looking for new gramny square patterns or whilst noseying through blogs but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one. Luckily someone on my list of people who want a blanket also had the same need so I’m making one!
The pattern is from and is called the granny bobble spiral. It’s beautiful and really easy to follow the instructions.

Here is my offering..


I love the colours as soon as I saw them I knew it had to be that exact yarn. Its by Katia and is called Alabama. I’ve never used Katia yarn before but I think I will be in future!

I’ve also finished up the attic24 ripple I was working on and managed to do a straight border on it which I am still chuffed I managed to do. I was sure Lucy had posted how to straighten off the top and bottom but couldn’t find it so I kind of winged it and it worked!


And a lady who has a shop on Facebook (MrsJosieK) asked me to make some cushion covers and we saw one made by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK and knew it had to be basketweave for hers too, which I’d never done before because I couldn’t work out how it looks like that (I’d never looked at a pattern for it) but once i got going it clicked!


Unfortunately I totally underestimated how much yarn I would need so have to get more. Its Rico big wool (I think that’s what it was called!) Its merino and lovely to work with!

I best go and do some mummy type stuff. I’m so glad I can blog from my new phone that makes it easier!
Hope you are all ok and if you’re on fb check out my page as I post pics on there pretty regularly x.

I think I have a problem!!

I was asked to do a stash picture for the parenting forum I’m a member of. So today whilst The Husband looked after the boys I got all my yarn out and took pictures & omg. I don’t think I need to buy more for awhile!!

This is my “downstairs” stash. Which lives in a bag next to the sofa for easy access!!

As you can see I seem to favour Sirdar, Rowan and Sublime at the moment. With an array of Rico Baby DK (which I love!) There’s a box of Adriafil Duo Plus, that I picked up for £9 last year sometime with visions of making myself an Attic24 style bag from that never happened!

Then there’s the yarn that lives upstairs that I dig into when I need acrylics or just yarn for practising something on…

As you can see, there’s a mish-mash of stuff in there. There’s the Red Heart that my mum & dad brought back from the states for me last month. Debbie Bliss Cotton DK that I forgot I had! And on the right that green yarn & the 1 ball of cream with a label on saying “service” I inherited it from one of my mums friends, and it still has the receipt tucked into the label in “old money”! It feels so soft, but says its 100% acrylic. There’s also some Patons, and Sirdar in there that I inherited too.
I definitely don’t need to purchase more for awhile.

Although I did discover that one of the Sublime Soya Cotton DKs that I picked up is a different colour to the others.. Doh. That’ll teach me to pick up yarn on different trips to the shop without checking dye numbers first for reference. So I’m allowing myself to buy 3 more balls of that particular yarn. 2 to match the one random ball and 1 to match the 2 that I already had! I want to make an African Flowers blanket I think.

Oh and a finished picture. Well kind of, its a side view, as I haven’t posted it to the person I made it for yet. But its a big thick wide scarf, and I love it! <3

Thats me done for now. Glad I finally managed to do a kind of proper update!

H x

Edit to add… My stash storage, kind of modelled by Little H! Purchased from “Want Love Need” who also has a shop in Sheffield, details *here*

Oh such fun!

And colour! Lots of colour.

I’ve never really been any good at matching colours up, or at least i didn’t think I was. I can always pick out a good tie for my dad. A silly thing but I always knew which ones he’d like. He doesn’t wear ties anymore really so that skill has been laid dormont until now!

The other day there was a blog post here.. called delusions of grandeur, I read it and offered up my services as a tester and later that day received an email with the details needed.

Now the only patterns I’ve ever really followed are attic24 patterns, that as I’m sure you know are written out normally with pictures so you can see exactly what you’re meant to be doing. I think over the last 2 years I’ve made 5 of her neat ripple blankets (maybe 7 I’m not sure!) 5 of her birdie decorations, one granny stripe, in attic24 I trust! So for me Lucy ‘in the sky’ was/is putting alot of faith in me trying out her pattern!

So I rushed off and found my ‘upstairs stash’ which is where I store most of my acrylic yarns (not photographed in the previous entry with yarn pics) and sat and worked out colours. I realised I’ve never really sat and done that before, properly planned out colours, and that I don’t really have ‘me’ colours. Like any attic24 reader knows her kind of colours or crochet with Raymond I haven’t found mine, it’ll come with time but yesterday I realised that I can pick colours that work. I won’t put pictures up yet, mostly because as I’m testing the pattern it’d betotally bad form to do so, and because I’m not finished yet! Getting there though, just hope my noobishness doesnt put Lucy off ofselecting pattern testers in future.

Anyways, go over there and follow her blog!


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