No crochet!!

So it’s been a hectic week in the crazycrochetmama household and I haven’t managed any crochet at all!

On Tuesday we went to see the amazing Robbie Williams at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. It was myself, my friend Sam (or Spamantha!) My mum, and her friend Helen. They dropped us off at the stadium at about 2.30pm and they went to check in at the hotel. Sam and I were going to go for a wander and see if we could find asda which was meant to be nearby,  but after walking for a bit we realised that the ques were getting bigger the further around we got and had spotted an entrance that absolutely no one had qued for. So being cheeky enough to ask we found a member of staff and checked if we could que there, and were told that we could!!! Front of the que! Thinking that lots of other people would follow us… only 2 people did!! We got chatting and decided between the 4 of us we should stick together to try and get a good spot.
We were then told about “the golden circle” which was the first 4000 people in got into the bit by the stage!!
The doors opened at 5pm and all of the stewards were shouting at everyone not to run, but it was Robbie!! So we ran the full length of the pitch and only had about 3 people infront of us. I can’t believe the luck, it was meant to be!!!
I didn’t take many pictures because I was so busy singing and dancing, but here are a couple (apologies for watermarking them as I normally only do it to crafty things but I love my pictures!!)


Spam & I tried so many times to get a shot of Robbie behind us but this is the best one even though Robbie looks like a ghost!! (I’m on the right!)


This is my absolute favourite picture from the night. Both Robbie Williams and Olly Murs were amazing. I’ve always been a massive Robbie fan, I missed the Take That days because we lived in Malaysia at the time, we moved back to the UK in 1994 and I prefered East17’s music but when Robbie released Freedom I was hooked! Olly I liked on the x factor but hadn’t really followed his stuff but when he came on stage he was awesome!
I still can’t believe we were that close! Mum and Hel didn’t get there before the doors opened as they couldn’t resist the lure of Manchester city centre so they weren’t as close.


My “you were here” picture!

When I saw Robbie in 2003 in Melbourne I was close but not this close! Oh and he sang Me & My Monkey!! ♡♡ and lots of my other favourites (monsoon, come undone, not like the others, she’s the one, sexed up) and for the first time ever Angels made me cry. I thought of my Nanna B who passed away when little H was only a few days old and the tears just came. I still can’t listen to Nan’s song.
He’s still an okey dokey stokey blokey and I’ll love his music forever! (Even rudebox!!!)

Oh, I almost forgot, we saw spencer the bear!! And whilst everyone else was dancing to Olly Murs, Sam managed to get a picture which I tweeted to him and got a mention!


Mum met Spencer the bear whilst queuing for rhianna last week and I was ordered to follow him on twitter, and the morning of Robbie Spencer tweeted that he was already in the queue so we kept an eye out! His twitter is @spencerthebear

Then Friday night Spam and I took part in the St. Roccos starlight walk. Which I really thought I would do the 2 laps (13 miles) but it started to rain 10 minutes before we started and being the genius that I am I was only in a t-shirt with a vest top underneath and I don’t even own a waterproof coat! Doh!
Halfway round the first lap we were at the back (although we were in the last group to start so had no where to go but backwards!) and the route went near to Spams house so she ran and got me a dry top and lent me a coat of hers to try and warm me up. So I classily stripped off on Manchester Road and somehow squeezed into Sams coat (with help from a marshal to do the zip!) And we kept going. After sams 3rd loo stop we were well and truly at the back and it was still raining so we were drenched. One of the medics that was riding the route on a motorbike advised that we only did one lap because we were so cold. So as gutted that we were we decided to cross the line smiling and do the 2nd lap next week.
My feet were so wet they were wrinkly as if I’d been in the bath so long!

Anyway I won’t put a picture of us in all our pink stuff (there is one on my facebook page if you want a nosey!) But I will show you the sashes I made out of ribbon we got from our local market, and yarn (naturally what else would I use?!) And I got to play with my sewing machine that I brought off of Scavenger Annie as she was selling an old one and I’ve been after one! (& she’s local to me)
I used backstitch to form the letters and did it all freehand so they’re not quite even but I loved them (I made 2)



Nutty Tarts was our team name as there was Spam & I and two other ladies from our weight watchers group. They completed both laps and I’m so proud of them!!

Right that’s enough rambling from me! As always feel free to pin anything you see to Pinterest :)
♡ Mrs. B x

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